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New Product launch | Decowell EX IO module series will add new members -- PROFINET EX - 1112 adapter

At present, under the influence of the epidemic, the cold wave of "lack of core" continues to intensify. How to solve the delivery problem caused by "lack of core"?

In the early stage of "lack of core", Decowell fully started independent research and development, looking for a variety of alternative IO chip solutions, and strive to break the shackles of "lack of core". The new EX-1112 adapter launched this time is a remote I/O module that supports PROFINET agreement and is replaced by a domestic chip. It is autonomous and controllable, and is not subject to the delivery difficulties caused by "lack of core".


Multiple I/O types can be selected. Up to 32 I/O modules can be expanded       

In the field of industrial control, PROFINET remote IO expansion module is often used, but some of the existing PROFINET remote IO expansion modules on the market have relatively single functions, generally only input detection and output control functions. When I/O points need to access multi-channel analog signal or a large number of point bit expansion in some occasions, some I/O modules cannot meet the demand. The EX-1112 adapter has excellent scalability, with multiple IO types to choose from and up to 32 IO modules to expand. Through high-speed data transmission, reliable communication can be carried out between PLC and I/O system, which can be widely used in 3C, automobile, medical, logistics, transportation, new energy and other industries.


 Stable and reliable performance, easy to install 

The compact shape and dual network port design make the EX-1112 adapter easy to connect, and can be easily integrated into the existing industrial environment, and has the advantages of stable and reliable performance and strong anti-interference. The product supports DIN35 rail installation so that it can be mounted directly on the machine or distributed along the conveyor belt.


 Introduced firmware upgrade software for easy on-site maintenance      

The EX-1112 adapter supports one-click factory Settings restoration, and the bus communication exception input signal status is optional, to meet the security requirements of different application scenarios. Diagnostic data, communication and power supply can avoid incorrect installation, which is conducive to field programming and debugging. More importantly, the firmware upgrade software of this product is now available. USB data cable can be used to upgrade the firmware of the module, which is convenient and easy to use, greatly extending the service cycle of the product and facilitating on-site maintenance.


Decowell always takes the research and development of industrial fieldbus technology as the core competitiveness of the company, and has developed a series of IO module products, so as to provide customers with more efficient and perfect industrial bus IO solutions, in order to more adapt to the future development of digital factories.

The above is the wonderful content brought to you by Nanjing remote IO manufacturer Decowell. For more details, welcome to Nanjing Decowell’s official website!