PROFINET Protocol Quick Connect Terminal Module


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Item Number:00-01-02

Interface Type:2*RJ45

Universal cable:five twisted pair

Communication rate:100Mb/s

Communication distance:100m(point-to-point distance)

Electrical isolation:YES

Product Data

Detailed parameters

Signal input

Signal type:transistor(PNP)

Signal level:PNP:15 〜30VDC

Single channel current consumption:5mA

Port protection (input):Overvoltage impact protection

Input Properties:PNP(high-level)

Electrical isolation:AC 500V

Signal output

Signal type:transistor PNP

Rated level:PNP:24V(18~36V)

Single channel rated current:PNP:Max.0.5A(8 consecutive channels, maximum total load current 2A)

Port protection (output):Overvoltage and overcurrent protection

Electrical isolation:AC 500V

General parameters

Degree of protection:IP50

Working temperature:-10~55℃

Storage temperature:-25~85℃